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Welcome to the online help of eCatcher 6.0 for Talk2M Pro accounts.


eCatcher Online Help


Every time when needed, you can access the online help by clicking on 'the help icon" (upper right of the program screen) or by pressing F1.

"eCatcher Online Help" is a smart helper that will automatically show in your browser the subject you were having issue in eCatcher.

Of course, if you prefer you can browse the left side menu of the helper to make an overview tour of all the sections.


eCatcher language


The eCatcher software is available in different languages.
Use the language selection list on the top right side of the eCatcher window to change the language. eCatcher must be restarted to apply the selected language.





eCatcher Login window




To log in your Talk2M account, specify the Account name and encode your Username and Password.

If you do not have an Talk2M account yet, then use the Create a Free+ Account link just beneath the Account field to create your own Talk2M account.


The Remember Me option will store the login credentials to display them again on next eCatcher login.


If you forgot your password, then use the Forgot Password? link just under the Password field to request a new one.


User Lockout


eCatcher disables temporary a user account if too many attempts were to be made with the same username.


If someone fails to log in to a Talk2M account:

10 times: the user account will be disabled temporarily for 15 minutes

1000 times: the IP address used to perform the login will be banned.


When a user is blocked, an email is sent to his email address but another one is also sent to the admin of the account the user was trying to log in.

This email explains the reason of the lockout and how to unlock it: a recovery is possible by resetting the password by either the admin or the user himself.


eCatcher Internet connection


By default eCatcher is configured to establish the VPN Internet connection in "Auto Detect" mode.
Which means that eCatcher will first try to connect in UDP mode. If UDP connection is not possible then eCatcher will try to connect in TCP mode.

If this also fails then eCatcher will display a message asking if you need to configure a Proxy Server for your Internet connection.


If you need to encode a Proxy on your PC to get an Internet access, then click on the Settings button next to the Log In button.
This will open the eCatcher Settings window which allows to set up the Proxy server.


eCatcher Menus


The left side menu of the eCatcher window allows to:




eWONs: Display and configure the eWONs of the Talk2M account. It also allows to establish the VPN connection to the eWON.




Users: Display and configure the users of the Talk2M account



Pools: Display and configure the eWON pools of the Talk2M account. eWONs are regrouped inside eWON pools.




Groups: Display and configure the user groups. A user group allows to specify access rights to eWON pools and to other user groups.




Account: Display and configure the account settings





The top menu of the eCatcher window is a contextual menu:


For example when the eWONs page is displayed, the upper menu will contain following buttons: