Upgrade to Pro

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Upgrade to Pro

The administrator of a Talk2M Free+ account can request an upgrade to Talk2M Pro plan

The path to Upgrade to Pro is: Account > Credit & Contract  >


If you wish to learn more about the benefits of Talk2M Pro before requesting the upgrade:

Click on “Learn about Talk2M Pro” or the "Talk2M FAQ" at the bottom of the Credit & Contract section before requesting the upgrade. 


To upgrade your Talk2M account to the PRO plan:

Click on the “Request Talk2M Pro” button to submit an upgrade request.



* Included VPN Traffic & Datamailbox Datapoints are defined by your Talk2M Plan


The wizard pop-up guiding you through several steps


oAccount information verification




oContact details confirmation




oTalk2M Pro - Terms of use approval




An acknowledgement email will be sent to your inbox with the account details & reference.

This email must be forwarded to your local sales representative who will take care of the upgrade process.


New to Ewon products/services?

Contact your local Ewon distributor or HMS office: https://www.ewon.biz/contact/find-distributor