Security Policy

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Security Policy

The Security Policy defines the password syntax requirements for all users of the account.

Only members of the Administrators group can edit the Password policy.


The path to the Password Policy is: Account > Security Policy > Modify...


You can select between two different password policy:

❑ Standard: the unique constraint is the password. The user's password must be at least 6 characters long.

Note: Two-Factor Authentication: "Remember this PC" option is allowed (no expiration).


❑ Enforced: All passwords of the account will have to meet 4 different criteria:
- length of minimum 8 characters
- including at least one letter
- including at least one digit
- including at least one special character

Note: Two-Factor Authentication: "Remember this PC" option is not allowed
Example: Brasil2014%




If the admin user changes the Password Policy while users have already been created,

their existing passwords remain valid even if they do not meet the new policy.


The new policy will apply only to new users or if the existing user changes his password.